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Warsaw Fax Referral Form

Please fill out this form and fax to (574) 267-4480 for Warsaw or (260) 387-0440 for Fort Wayne.  Our office will contact your patient within 24-48 hours to schedule an appointment at his/her earliest convenience.

You may currently be managing patients who are living with chronic pain. You know how challenging it can be to help these individuals find relief. Current trends support a team approach in order to provide optimal care for chronic pain patients. With that approach in mind, our practice is interested in establishing a collaborative relationship with you.

Interventional Pain Consultants (IPC) was established to provide patients local access to the latest pain relief treatments.  All treatment at IPC will be provided in the most convenient locations for the referred patients.

A collaborative relationship between our practices could include:

  •  Referring your chronic pain patients to our practice.

  •  We would work to provide a comprehensive formulation of the problem and a quick reversal of the situation.

  •  When pain is controlled, our practice would continue to provide pain-related treatment, and the patient would return to you for ongoing care.

For a list of services offered and some common conditions treated in our practice, please see the following web pages:

     Treatment Offered

     Common Conditions Treated

Fort Wayne Fax Referral Form