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Welcome to Interventional  Pain Consultants, a comprehensive interventional pain clinic in Warsaw and Fort Wayne, IN.  Whether you have bouts of low back pain, throbbing neck pain, pounding headaches, or shooting leg pain, the quality of your life is drastically affected.

We realize the suffering you endure and the burden chronic pain places on you, your family, and your friendships. We believe a compassionate, patient-centered program integrating the most advanced techniques in the pain field is the most effective method to obtain long-term relief and enhance your quality of life and daily function.

We offer a personalized genetic profile of your medication metabolism that may reduce or eliminate the need for multiple medication changes before getting the most effective stategy for your individual pain!

This test involves a painless, cheek swab for the sample and the results will be provided to you for future use with all medication you are taking.  Ask your IPC provider today if you are interested!

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